Tourism and Travel Agent

This program trains tourism students to analyze international destination products and services and create and modify promotional packages to effectively respond to the demands of a target clientele.
This high-quality training provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to master the procedures involved in preparing and selling a tailor-made package.
In addition, many partnerships in the industry – particularly with Travelport – Galileo provide a training that is directly linked to the job market.
Throughout the training, there is ample opportunity to learn alongside professionals in the field. Excursions, events and a professional internship serve to introduce graduates to the realities of the tourism industry.

The Travel and Tourism Agent program, features tourism products and events, including tourism marketing and promotion, hospitality and guiding, as well as human resource and financial management.


Admission Criteria

Baccalaureate holders (all sections), or an equivalent diploma.


Diploma of Specialized Technician: Travel and Tourism Agent

Program Content

Career Prospects

Upon completion of this program, graduates will be able to make the most of their skills and work in a number of possible positions :

Travel agent,Promotional package agent, Technical or operational agent, Tourist assistant agent, Circuit organizer, Rates agent, Reservations agent, Promote tourism products and services, Guide and animate groups