Higher Studies in Tourism and Hospitality

Teaching in the DEESTH qualification aims to train students in the creation of tourism-based products and services and how to market them, whether this means taking tourists abroad or attracting a local customer base.
This course is available to students without prior tourism-based training or qualifications.



European Diploma of Higher Education for Tourism and Hospitality
Level : Bachelor
Delivered by the European Federation of Schools (Geneva) Switzerland - validated by the IACBE (International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education)

The profesionnal themes

Knowledge of the market / Consumer protection / Creation of plans and itineraries – Quotes / Tourist management / Business policies – marketing strategies / Sales forecasting / Regulation / Cash and budget management – operational methods / European tourism policy / Business intelligence


-A mastery of the tourism sector
-Knowledge of the main attractions and cultural sites of different countries
-Writing up a travel plan
-Creating an itinerary and a series of tours
-Profitability calculation
-Putting into place market studies
-Using the 4 Ps test on a tourist product
-Using new technologies in informational research

Career and Professional Perspectives

Positions in the creation and sale of tourist products and services, and preparation and management in the event- and convention- management sector.
- Travel conception
- Travel consultant
- Accommodation agent
- Head of touristic development, Head of local development mission
- Product Manager, Business tourism
- Touristic development coordinator
- Reservation agent
- Travel Agent Manager
- Home sales travel adviser
- Business tourism adviser
- Head of reception - high standard hotels