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Esarc Rabat Morocco, our Courses

Esarc depuis 1998, centre de formation bac+3 tourisme et hôtellerie

Our Courses

Since 1998, our center has been offering training to the professionals of air-transport, Tourism and travel.

Our priority is to make sure our graduates do have

  • Excellent organization skills.
  • Excellent time management skills.
  • Team player skills with an excellent attitude and behavior at the workplace.
  • Pleasing personality
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to speak English effectively in a business environment.

Our specialization and professional experience have contributed to allow  us to both guarantee a highly qualified training to our students and  won us a recognition on the part of home and foreign airline companies.
Flight Attendant Training

This program offers students the opportunity to learn concepts in a  dynamic way. They will acquire the knowledge and skills relating to the  profession, such as safety, first aid, on board food and beverage  services, duty free and sales techniques. In addition students will have  pedagogical equipment at their disposal to simulate all actions needed  on board
Hostessing in air and sea travel Diploma

Hostessing in air and sea travel Diploma, is intended to enable young graduates to perform jobs related to the fields of Tourism, Air & Maritime travel.  This course is composed of intensive theoretical & practical  lessons in the related fields accompanied with a 2 month internship at  one of Morocco International Airports and other Tourism bodies.
Tourism and Travel Agent Diploma

This program trains tourism students to analyze international  destination products and services and create and modify promotional  packages to effectively respond to the demands of a target clientele.
This  high-quality training provides students with the knowledge and skills  needed to master the procedures involved in preparing and selling a  tailor-made package.
Hotel Assistant Manager Diploma

The Hotel assistant manager program is designed for students  gifted in human interaction and keen on professional mobility, training  graduates to work as hotel employees anywhere in the world. The rich  course content teaches students room division management, conference  organization, cost control, and food service management. In addition,  students will have an internship in a hotel or restaurant, providing  them with the practical experience required for optimal performance in  their field.
This course is designed to train commercial staff whose activities are carried out within the framework of commercial or marketing departments within companies in all sectors of activity.
From prospecting to customer development, sales profiles are among the most sought-after by companies, and almost all sectors of activity are constantly looking for sales action profiles.
Esarc school will train you for the following jobs :

Flight Attendant, Passenger Service Agent, Airport Receptionist, Airport Reservation and Sales Agent, Tourism coordinator ,Travel advisor , Yield Manager, Receptionist,  Host / Hostess on cruise liners ,  Host / Hostess for special events, meetings and business tourism ...   
2, Rue Ibn Al Kadi, les Orangers, Rabat, Morrocco

Contactez par Tél Esarc Rabat
2, Rue Ibn Al Kadi, les Orangers,
Rabat, Maroc
Tél.  0537.73.64.81 / 82 / 83

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