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Cabin and ground crew training

Since 1998 our center has been offering training to the professionals of air-transport and travel.
Our specialization and professional experience have contributed to allow us to both guarantee a highly qualified training to our students and won us a recognition on the part of home and foreign airline companies.

Recruitment for Kuwait Airways , Esarc Morocco

Hospitality, Tourism, Travel and Cabin Crew

Over 18 years of service in providing Travel Industry, Hospitality, Tourism and Cabin Crew industries with skilled graduates to take up employment as members of Airline Cabin Crew, Airport Ground Handling Staff, Travel Consultants and Customer Service Representative.

We are proud that:

A large number of graduates from our center are already working in the most prestigious national and international firms.


Esarc is a private school, licensed by the Ministry of Professional Training and Employment under the number 4/07/9/98.
Esarc is recognized by the Civil Aviation Departement under no CN - F08/08 .